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  • Weekly contests to make betting more fun
  • Supports live betting and esports betting
  • 25% reload bonus on all deposits
  • The very user-friendly betting interface
  • No special bonuses for crypto deposits

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Trade the excitement of live games, betting on each game, the rigours of training camp and the stress of fantasy. Surround yourself with us on many brilliant platforms. Choose your favourite event now and join the life which you want.

Bet on the winner of the World Cup and prove your betting skills and luck with the new crypto sports contest from XBet! XBet is creating this crypto betting site for crypto users who like to win and compete. If you’re ready to beat your rivals, then sign up now because there are rising stakes and prize money waiting for those in the qualifying rounds.

As one of the best sports betting sites with a good track record, racetracks, and sportsbooks, it’s time to take a chance with XBet. The gambling site is offering up to 1 BTC in prizes and is open to U.K.-based players only. With that amount of cash on offer in a highly competitive contest, why would you miss out on this opportunity?

Enter the contest and combat formulaic picks with creativity. For every team performance, earn money, point bonuses, and increased entry stakes. Captivating challenges to win the big prize: a free BTC contract bet!

What’s the difference between paid memberships and accessing the platform for free? The payoff is simple, though actionable. XBet helps you put your cash where your team is playing. With live betting and wagering on horse races and esports, what else do you need to know to bet on your favourite teams?

Bet on a movement, or beat the odds when handicapping a horse race. If you like predicting sports or happening social movements, there’s an XBet for that. We know what stock movements are going to happen seconds before they actually happen thanks to our high-speed decentralized network and AI-powered software. Sports enthusiasts and lovers of action are at a tough time with traditional sportsbooks, where bets can be limited or time-consuming to execute. XBet brings sports betting to the 21 st century with faster and easier wagering capabilities which are powered by Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Litecoin, and Ethereum.

Play against sports betting powerhouses like Australia, Italy, England, Germany, France, the Netherlands, and South Africa 24/7. Bet on golf and tennis for your biggest opening lines. Discover the best of sporting odds here with a 0% commission on your deposits!

Blazing fast to deposit and start playing – as easy as an email! Just paste your public wallet address, start wagering with cryptocurrency and chat live with our customer service for real help when you’re in doubt about anything. If you want to win profits, join now and start practising.

Find out if you are fearless or just plain lucky. Play it up! Play for the chance to move on in the competition – with all the trivia and speculation that comes with the sport of the future: crypto sports betting games with real money prizes.

Sportsbooks should contribute to the thrill of witnessing the moment football kicks off with LIVE betting, in which you can keep track of the score LIVE on your mobile device.

Take your betting to the next level and start wagering on everything from horse races and esports – live or not. Friendly design and ease of use make XBet your personal bookie app of choice. Be at the top of your game with simplified betting features and racing odds that you can’t find anywhere else in the industry.