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  • Welcome bonus worth up to 5 BTC
  • Payouts in 12 cryptocurrencies in minutes
  • Excellent selection of esports wagers
  • Daily coupons for better odds
  • No reload bonus for returning bettors

Cloudbet is the fastest-growing online sportsbook. With tens of thousands of bets per day and the most competitive edge possible, we might be the go-to for sports betting in just a few years. If you’re trading, investing, or simply looking for a quick hit during the workday, visit your hometown Cloudbet. Claim your free account at cloudbet.io.

Bet on the best virtual and traditional sports games with one of our high-quality gaming platforms. Still, feeling a little unsure about crypto betting? Check out our cryptocurrency before you deposit option to get an overview of just how easy our crypto casino is to use.

Cloudbet offers over 90% odds on top crypto-topics like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litcoin, and more. Like crypto as much as crypto does? Make your bets with traders who’ve been in the trenches for years. Shop at Cloudbet’s sportsbook without any risk of losing cash thanks to 2FA security, 24/7 responsive customer service, and our industry-leading betting tools!

With dividends offered each day, rewards for new bettors, and superior odds, it’s now easier and cheaper to wage your own funds. Cloudbet allows players from around the world to enjoy special betting opportunities and promotions when they join today. Winnings are processed in a secure environment & treated with maximum respect.

Bet on soccer matches today with no fuss. Join on live betting today and make sure you get your picks covered. Cloudbet is the leading online platform for betting and offers discounts for bettors. Enjoy extensive live betting, fast odds information, and 24-hour claiming of up to 20% sign-up specials for avid sports fans.

One reason to choose Cloudbet as your bookie is that it doesn’t require a large deposit, typically around 10 ETH or around 100 USD. It also does not come with a lengthy list of requirements for those of you who are older, US-based visitors.

Cloudbet is a new, completely transparent, and provably fair cryptocurrency sportsbook. Its easy-to-use set-up means you can get started right out of the box. Just log into your account, and deposit cryptocurrency. That’s it! Our 24/7 customer support is award-winning, offering a quick turnaround and easy access to our team members.

The moment you join Cloudbet’s free account is the moment you’re headed for the promised land. After registering your life-changing welcome bonus of up 5 BTC, it’s time to hit the Bet low-cost betting industry leader.

Cloudbet is a unique casino offering exciting games, weekly winners, and better-than-normal odds. Use the slots catalogue to choose from a wide variety of themed slots that provide hours of fun for players but also for developers as well. Cloudbet is always trying to find new ways to add entertainment value for users, so features like its unique raffle system should create many standout opportunities for its slot players!

Cloudbet is a cryptocurrency sports book that offers something for everyone. Offering predominantly company’s odds in a variety of markets for the major sports, Cloudbet has secured a stellar reputation as one of the leading providers of betting in crypto, both on the blockchain and off.