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The goal of this section is to provide the reader with a comprehensive list of the best crypto coins in 2022. While also catching on at relative suddenness, cryptocurrencies are like rock stars in the economy entertainment industry today wherein they rule their popularity and get tons of fans from nearly all corners of the world.

best crypto to invest 2022

The rise has proven to be detrimental for hundreds if not thousands who saw their assets turn into virtual ghosts overnight due to the staggering price fluctuations. Cryptocurrency prices may spike as high or fall down below $100 again in just a few minutes and making them worse than worthless. Thus being affected by fluctuating economies, what is a person to do? The answer can be found in government-backed fiat currencies!

Every person is different and has a different need to invest in crypto. There is a crypto best beginner that may be good for one instead of the other so order matters too. We have compiled 4 picks that suit the needs of beginners, varying levels of expertise and employment status.

Before venturing into the market you should know what your needs are and choose as per your situation

Crypto coins carried out huge rallies at various times this September completed marking yet another phase of digital currency market recovery to extend progressions in Crypto marked with significant gains led by Ripple, Cardano, and Tron.

In recent times, crypto and blockchain have become a topic of interest to anyone whether from a policy maker to an entrepreneur. 2017 saw investors raiding crypto markets in order to make handsome returns for their newly created portfolios. However, every day there are hundreds of cryptos launching on the market which is creating unnecessary havoc in investors’ portfolios.

Crypto seems like it’s the new frontier and surely will take over traditional investing someday but the best beginner coin? There isn’t a perfect one but there is the best 2019 beginner cryptocurrency that investors should invest in their once-in-a-lifetime investments.

To know which currency is the best you should read this article from our investment analyst where I highlight the top 6 cryptocurrencies that cryptocurrency enthusiasts/investors should consider for their first investment or token purchase after browsing

One cryptocurrency to watch in the future is Digitex (DGTX), which offers a proprietary trading platform with an interesting affiliate marketing strategy and plans to escalate value the longer the network remains stable.

Where should we invest?

Cryptocurrencies are trending in popularity because of their speculative value and accessibility to most investors in the past few months. The rise of alternative cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum and VeChain has made investing in alternatives more viable for individuals also. For inexperienced traders, it is a difficult time to invest in cryptocurrencies without understanding sound investments. To differentiate whether a cryptocurrency is worth investing in or not, we have this list that discusses some of the best beginner cryptos in 2022 we can invest in!


  • Tamadoge (TAMA) – Best Crypto Presale for Beginners
  • Battle Infinity (IBAT) – Best New Beginner Crypto to Buy in 2022
  • Lucky Block (LBLOCK) – Exciting Blockchain-Gaming Project for a Crypto Beginner
  • Ethereum (ETH) – Highly Accessible Token for Beginner Crypto Portfolio
  • Bitcoin (BTC) – Best Beginner Crypto to Trade with Low Fees
  • Solana (SOL) – Scalable Blockchain with Limitless Potential
  • Shiba Inu (SHIB) – Best Beginner Crypto to Invest In for Community Engagement
  • Stellar (XLM) – Popular Decentralized Payments Network with Low Fees
  • Cardano (ADA) – Discounted Token Ideal for Beginner Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Polkadot (DOT) – Innovative Project Solving Blockchain Interoperability

Tamadoge is a new project based on a credible technical analysis and marketing strategy. Recently, its members achieved their $10k goal and subsequently, their ICO ended. This company pays close attention to the products of the competition.

The platform Tamadoge offers Crypto-fans like Gold Dealer Pendant’s which offers limited sale openings with benefits of being first in line, firm discounts, and a privileged beginning price. They monitor the competitors’ development and reset their prices as soon as they catch up or overtake the market cap of Tamadoes Company.

The Value Of Cryptocurrency For You: Ideal For You if you are looking for a few steps to take in order to get started in trading cryptocurrencies easily with no restrictions on entry or geography.

Tamadoge is a crypto presale with a proven track record in the digital marketing business. It provides a lot of learning resources to young investors.

Tamadoge was founded in 2017 by Kylian Frescura and has been growing its digital footprint via several platforms such as the best Crypto Presale for Beginners and Crypto Mastermind Group. It started as a part-time project but with an influx of followers and contributors, they are now working on actively building their brand among new crypto developers, users and skilled marketers.

Battle Infinity

IBAT is a new blockchain project that has some unique features that make it stand out from the crowd. It uses AI-based optimization and algorithm for its encryption. It also provides fast transactions and compatibility with iOS, Android and Desktop devices- this gives it a competitive edge in the crypto market.

One of the key ways in which Battle Infinity provides value to users is by providing them access to state-of-the-art education by way of different languages and topics. What makes Battle Infinity one of the best beginner cryptocurrencies to project investment gains outside of Bitcoin and Ethereum are high liquidity, low market volume, no exchange transactions and higher trading volumes for smaller quantities with lower price fluctuation and stability.

Battle Infinity’s offering for beginners has features like the most convenient form and a transparent ICO process with vetting by rating agencies that make it attractive for investors who are still learning how to trade crypto.

Though AI tools improve productivity but they also create recruitment needs such as IT engineers. In order to avoid upskilling their current workforce, companies don’t want AI solutions in the workplace.

One of the best new crypto to buy in the year 2022 is Battle Infinity.

Based on a complicated and often difficult battle royale game that was first introduced by Fortnite creator Epic Games, Battle Infinity aims to be a revolutionary game. Its release date is scheduled for March 27th, 2021

The game will feature scalable blockchain tech that enables an uncensorable open world with stored crypto as a foundation building block. As the world becomes more democratic, more and more players will be able to develop on their digital real estate.

Lucky Block

A blockchain project that is designed specifically for beginner crypto-gamers.

Lucky Block (LBLOCK) is a gaming platform that offers games to casual gamers that provide Blockchain entertainment in mass. The team behind LBLOCK is split into three divisions: role-player, 3D MMO developer, and game close with technology from Unity3D and Amazon Web Services.

We wanted to know if LBLOCK was a scam or not so we reached out to their founder, Joey Ames as well as their team members for feedback. There has been no scam committed by the time of writing this blog. This article shares unbiased reviews henceforth we are confident in bringing it here!

The Lucky Block is one of the most progressive crypto projects on the market and there are lots of possibilities for this gamification project for digital nomads.

A crypto craze among the public has resulted in plenty of new digital coins and companies looking to disrupt this growing industry. One particular ICO that has grabbed many investors’ attention-Lucky Block’s test presale.

A blockchain project, which allows you to purchase items from in-game using cryptocurrencies? GAME ON!


Ethereum is the 9th most profitable cryptocurrency in terms of USD, with a market value of 17.5 billion as of November. Its token has also been hailed as transparent and incorruptible – hence making it a probability for sophisticated asset investors led by institutions such as banks worldwide to begin trading.

In the future, AI watchers predict that our devices will be controlled by AI assistant systems like Siri, Cortana and Echo – because even President Obama believes voice control should be standard on all tech products.

Please note that this article does not claim or suggest any biased opinion about Microsoft’s AI Assistant (Cortana) event or its event guests or attendees – only discusses what’s to come from this kind of device in the future.

ETH is both a cryptocurrency and an underlying platform. The difference in the platforms is that it enables Dapps to be built on top of this incorporation of blockchain technology. Mining for the cryptocurrency began on July 30th of 2015.

ETH’s Interactive Graph Theory Displays Value, Application Potential

On March 27th ‘Accenture’ announced its decision to launch a blockchain-based platform for ‘digital identity.’ Applications for blockchain-based premonitions for areas ranging from identity to tracking of consumer goods are easily understood with crypto transactions associated with the Ethereum logo becoming more available and pervasive. A new protocol launched by Ethereum, known as Proof-of-Stake, plans on launching around June 2017. This decentralized algorithm is intended to meet future blockchain security requirements.


Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. The creator of it developed a P2P digital cash system which became famous in 2009 and created the first cryptocurrency market.

Bitcoin has unique blockchain technology that makes it have a fixed money supply with no central authority to issue BTC or control what happens to bitcoins. This title makes it only possible to become truly ubiquitous and able to be valued online forever

Still, its limited trading options are what concern individuals who want to invest in BTC during their whole new career. With low transaction fees, Bitcoin can be used as a currency on its own but also as an alternative asset class alongside stocks and bonds Together, they offer higher returns on investment than with stocks or bonds alone – Bitcoin can outperform other types of assets if started at the right time and held for the long term need for costly middlemen, like banks or investment brokers – Bitcoin is decentralized, which means there are no fees to use it.

Bitcoin is considered the best beginner cryptocurrency. It’s one of the most popular ever created and also has a negative correlation with other cryptocurrencies due to its volatility.


“Focusing on Staking in Transactions with Proofs of Participation in Blockchain, Solana will bring another dimension to blockchain”

People tend to think that by solving a problem they create a new one, which is never true. Case studies prove that blockchain technology has many beneficial aspects in relation to traditional technology and can transform our society from its core.

A scalable blockchain with unlimited potential, whether that’s SOL for financial infrastructure or as an epitome of what blockchains are capable of in general.

This report highlights how Solana solves the scaling problems in blockchain ledgers. It also introduces the unique features of Solana, including Tokenization and Gateway.

Best Crypto Presale for Beginners: A user-friendly public sale will help build a pool and build a strong community of users who can bring innovation back to our energy industry

As we undertake new crypto infrastructure development and accelerate market expansion, one place where few if any definite answers exist is what it means to have a winner take all environment. As the best-case scenario, this gives advantages in cryptocurrency trading to more people on Earth than any previous implementation of blockchain technology available. I don’t believe that there is anything in nature inherently better or worse than “winner-take” games like poker (unlike pooling poker).

Talking about blockchain technology and its increasing popularity over time the SOL token has always caught the attention of many crypto investors. Having extensive research of the project, it concluded that Solana is quite one of the best crypto pre-sales for beginners that helped this blockchain venture grow exponentially in a short period.

Solana Blockchain is significant since it provides practical applications for field areas like content monetization, artificial intelligence computing, big data storage and industry cost reductions according to CoinGecko. With such a significant success rate in its first round of pre-sales, this blockchain venture is not stopping there. It’s planning to cooperate with top companies throughout 2018.

Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu is an ongoing presale meant for anyone who is new to crypto investing and wants to take part in the market. Unlike many other projects that offer big bonuses of 50% or higher just for investing early, the SHIB token does not have such a generous offer. But, it does provide maximum returns for everyone, unlike most other presales.

Unlike other projects that may flush their investor’s money away early on through promotions and marketing campaigns, the project has actually not been focusing much on marketing and instead managed its funds well.

This project incorporates a social media campaign platform where members can participate in day-to-day conversations with renowned cryptocurrency influencers.

The Shiba Inu breed is the world’s smallest dog breed. They only weigh 5-27 lbs., but their stamina allows them to do many hours of patrolling for other canine family members. The playful aspect of this breed makes it a perfect trader at crypto prices. Good luck out there in crypto trading!

Despite being squished into such a small space, these pups have achieved high-profile success with executives, celebrities and other successful people across the globe.


At its inception, Stellar was created to serve as a relayer of financial assets. Unlike other crypto networks, Stellar used a combination of federated security deposits and compliance relationships. The network also has low transaction fees when compared to other cryptocurrencies and fiat alike.

Stellar is one of the cryptocurrencies (better positioned in comparative cost than Bitcoin and Ethereum) that have seen strong recent quadruple-digit growth, especially in global investment despite the net loss by some critics. Currently, the Stellar cryptocurrency ecosystem is well recognized for its valuations than its market capitalization due to increased demand for actual transactions on the network as it continues to nurture innovation.

With low fees and financial flexibility, Stellar Lumens (XLM) is a digital economy online cryptocurrency that aims to be a low-fee payment network.

Stellar is probably the best beginner presale investment for 2018. This application was founded in 2014 under the name Chain. It has a public ledger which is supported by consensus on different nodes and it offers instant cross-border transactions of any amount minimum at 0.00001 XLM and even without a transaction fee cost structure.

It provides micropayments and sends money globally (including across borders) with no intermediary between the platform owner or customer’s account because they use fiat currency and then after converting it to lumens (XLM). The transaction fee should include all the operational costs, which come to 0.002 XLM per global transaction when the network has a capacity of 1,000 transactions per second. The transaction fee should not include any remuneration for miners, who are providing the service of processing transactions in an efficient and safe manner.


Cryptocurrencies are poised to take the world by storm just as they did in 2017. They want your journey in cryptocurrency investment to be lucrative, then create a risk-averse long-term portfolio that is composed of various coins and buying units of a top project e.g. Cardano (ADA).

As it turns out, Cardano might provide the most attractive cryptocurrency token presale right now for any beginners interested in the market, with its ICO promising to distribute 120% of the company’s future digital currency holdings through a 60 token bonus plan one day before public release.

Cardano (ADA) has appeared to be rather promising crypto for beginners who are looking for a crypto that can provide passive and institutional gains.

The Cardano platform combines the interests of blockchain scientists, mathematicians, and visionary investors. As of today, it is the third largest cryptocurrency in terms of the market cap within the top twenty list on Coin Markets Cap.

Cardano seeks to change the world by providing fair financial incentives while facilitating decentralized applications and smart contracts contentions through a state-of-the-art proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.


Blockchain technology has come in an extensive change. It was originally thought of to disrupt the financial market. In the end, the blockchain allowed people to save money by eliminating third-party costs and corporations, which allowed for an increase in a new kind of currency – cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

The cryptocurrency in question is what netted developers one billion dollars by funding smart contract audits and research into innovative additions to the technology. If that seems promising for innovators daring enough, then Polkadot will have you out of your seat in under 60 seconds as it is set to transform online security, performance and speed when it launches on September 30th 2017.

Polkadot aims to become “the internet of blockchains” by solving blockchain interoperability amongst large-scale blockchain networks providing many factors that differentiate it from other projects. As a result of the many factors, Polkadot offers scalability, privacy, and the potential for security.

How to Choose the Best Beginner Crypto?

Cryptocurrency markets and newcomers to this type of economy constantly evolve. Anyone looking to start trading can belittle the list up quickly, with some coins trading over their price points in minutes. To use this list and take the most efficient steps, these are a few key steps everyone should follow when choosing the best cryptocurrency presale for beginners, or BEGINNERS altogether.

Be patient – Timing is everything within Cryptocurrency investment. Never invest in a system that you’re afraid might go up or down on an unforeseen scenario within an instant, but always do research on the currencies you are considering before integrating them within your portfolio.