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The following will explore the 10 Best BSC Tokens to buy in 2022 that are guaranteed to provide an annual return.

Big Data Pro – The company which runs Big Data is one of a number of vendors in this area. Their main product is an advanced database management system which they provide as a database service.

Blockchain Cruncher – This blockchain expects the total market value to surpass $1 trillion in the next year and its CRUD engine is different from anything else on the market in that it reduces the performance overhead of any application by over 50%.

The Structure Token – This token has a few key project management advantages on its platform including block room integration and everything built around creating budgets for freelance employees.

In the countdown to the epic New Year, we created a list of the top 10 BSC Tokens (as ranked from earliest to most buyable).

The initial problem present through the adoption of blockchain technology was the trust and accessibility issues which slowed down the popularity of crypto start-ups.

It has taken a lot of effort for blockchain to combat these difficulties – with companies embracing it not only as a way to stay ahead of their competition but also as a means to push forward marketing and PR campaigns in new and innovative industries like ICOs.

10 New BSC Tokens to Invest in

  • Battle Infinity – Overall Best BSC Token
  • Zcash – Privacy-Focused Token
  • Cosmos – Internet of Blockchains Network
  • CoinWind – Smart DeFi Mining Platform
  • PancakeSwap – Well-Known Decentralized Exchange
  • BinaryX – Popular BSC Metaverse Game
  • Trust Wallet – Binance-Owned Non-Custodial Wallet
  • Baby Doge – Popular BSC Meme Coin
  • Venus – Lending and Stablecoin Service
  • Ellipsis – Low-Slippage Curve Finance Fork

Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity: 100% New Strategy & Clone! Leveraging the most furious blockchain to develop the best BSC Coin and more in just one month.

BATTLE INFINITY RISES TO GIVE SURE “We live in a struggling high-risk world that exhausts numerous specialists from different industries. In such a world, it is unlikely for one person to succeed. However, in the Battle Infinity ecosystem, everyone has an opportunity”.

Enter Battle Infinity! Assemble a whole new strategy for the BSC platform to redefine success with DApps, Blockchain and AI integrated technologies. Sale starts October 15th 2018 9:00am EST / 1pm UTC

Battle Infinity: 100% New Strategy & Clone! The Battle Infinity (BISON) platform achieved BPSC Coin 100% of hit rate, which is the first in China and one of the fastest growing equity crowdfunding platforms in Asia.CryptoKitties Reveals New Kitty For Bison Coin ICO: CryptoKitties has revealed a new cat for Bison Coin ICO called “CryptoKittie 1688”. The letter ‘B’ on its forehead looks like an infinity sign.

Battle Infinity is a decentralized gaming platform that enables players to make 2D cartoon video games on the web, making it easy and fast to build.

Problem: Battle Infinity’s problem is that its team doesn’t realize the potential of moving from a self-designed token to fiat currency in the future

Solution: With new developments, such as fundraising with tokens and tradable contracts for development, Battle Infinity can expand into different areas. Using blockchain technology secures it from the unwanted third-party intervention which can have an effect on developers. Blockchain will allow for transactions of ownership and be auditable which might support their goal of partnering with AAA companies in Hollywood later. This change of course could lead away from self-designed tokens entirely and into promising world possibilities.


In 2019, the market is expanding with a boom of the cryptocurrency-based project as seen in 2018. One such project is Zcash (ZEC -Z8) which has cryptographically ensured the Zerocash protocol.

Here Is A Few Project You Might Want to Consider: Poloniex, BTG, BNB, KuCoin.

If you’re interested in blockchain technology then you have heard some of the latest news about bitcoin gold (Bgold), Ripple (XRP), IOTA and Litecoin. However, one lesser-known project is Zcash – a privacy-oriented digital token which runs on Kryptish Pool Technology on the latest network architecture Bitcoin Suisse which was built by Bitcoin Northrup Inc.

Zcash was designed to provide strong privacy as well as open and instantaneous transactions. Also, in this instance, although zcash is rather new, BSC Tokens are not. These two were combined to produce something that will leave a lasting impact on the world of digital assets exploration.

Heavy investments in cryptocurrencies have come up alongside a crucial need for increased privacy across sectors. This has made various cryptographic solutions like zK – ZXC start to crop up and gain a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts all over the globe.

Zcash is a privacy-focused, cryptocurrency that was created at the end of 2016 by a development team led by Zooko Wilcox and of which many other members now work for Liquid. It operates on top of a tweaked version of bitcoin’s open source code.

Despite privacy being the main point this cryptocurrency is about, it can be seen as an investment piece if you are looking to enter the market soon with minimal risks. All said and done, this ought to be on every investor’s bucket list right now.


Cosmos is the successor of Cosmos hub, which made one-third of digital currencies obsolete.

Cosmos ecosystem has created a new platform to aggregate data around blockchains with a vision to allow information to flow in a decentralized manner. It allows different virtual peer-to-peer and distributed ledgers or “agents” as they are called in web 3, to connect and flock together. Here’s how this approach might save the blockchains from scaling problems given that blockchain technology doesn’t have any efficient solution on how data handling works yet.

Cosmos also features an Internet browser that protects your privacy as it indexes all your connections for personal browsing only. How to protect your privacy on the public InternetThe most basic preventative measure is to use a virtual private network or VPN. Companies like CyberGhost offer a free VPN with many different features.


With the growing demand for smart crypto mining platforms, CoinWIND aims to be one of the first successful blockchain-driven eco-niches.

The Best BSC tokens to buy in 2022 are BINS, WIDs, and IMPS. More recently there was a dip in price for the official BSC Token (BSX) after Coinbase delisted it from trading. This also led to a decrease in market cap from which these coins benefited immensely as trading platforms like Binance did not alter their prices when BSX was delisted.

These 3 coins were expected to benefit from this putative dip and hence provide potential gains for investors looking for serious long-term returns.

A revolutionary platform is designed to bear the ever-increasing costs of developing and maintaining Blockchain networks.

Instead of having to distribute micro-payments between expensive nodes, every owner using the CoinWind infrastructure would be a source for processing transactions in a much simpler way.

Another advantage of using this platform is that due to its decentralization feature, transaction fees decrease and the environment becomes more secure from attacks.


PancakeSwap is a trustless and decentralized ERC223 crypto exchange. The idea behind it is to provide high-quality Bitcoin trading services on the scale of Binance (USD 100 million traded daily).

PancakeSwap provides trading features with zero transaction fees on top of multiple currencies, 24/7 support, and low fees based on the quality of service provided. The platform distinguishes itself with such membership levels as Early Bird with 0.1 BTC, Standard with 0.2 BTC, 2-Hour Intermediate with 3 BTC, VIP Pro with 5 BTC and 10-Hour Intermediate 8BTC offering profitability like a true startup for traders who are willing to put in the cryptocurrency what they want back in return: profits.

With the global flavour frenzy continuing to explode, the future of blockchain-based food is up there with something which will change the way we live our lives.

You might have heard of the PancakeSwap which has already raised more than $250 million (over $500 million with ICO deferred payments) in an audacious yet quick endeavour.

Pancakes are preparing for a peak in 2020, promising to become a household name for Decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges that attract millions of members every day. You can buy BSC tokens from PancakeSwap using crypto or fiat money to use their Decentralized Exchange platform and launch your own trading ventures.


BinaryX is an open-world 3D gaming MMO, where players will earn in-game currency by participating in various operations that they choose to do like business, trading, farming and adventure.

A BSC Tech company have introduced tokenization of their COIL currency. This means instead of using traditional game gold it is now used with tokens that can also be bought and sold on the BinaryX Crypto Exchange. Group members are required to buy tokens for membership before they can play the game. The developers consider cryptocurrency trading as a P2P and decentralized way of assigning credit for operating activities in the game world based on the BSC Token Credits model that was first announced at Chain3 conference back in Toronto on November 16th 2018.

In the past few months, surprisingly, the popularity of binaryX, the BSC Metaverse game, has reached all nodes.

One such company is Biogen, and they announced that their new product Zooni will help to improve livestock farming efficiency.

Therefore, in the first quarter of 2022, people should invest in large increments if for that year as it can give them tremendous returns. Otherwise, this will be a great way to make money as people would be flocking to invest in futures like Zooni [Biogen’s new product] at a later date when its cost skyrockets leading to better profits.

BinaryX has been launched on Oct 20 2019 with an 80% discount in BSC Tokens on Icounderground.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet is a multi-device, cross-platform, 1.0% fee Crypto wallet with support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and a number of ERC20 tokens.

With the year alone, Binance Coin (BNC) more than doubled in value going from $14 to $36. This is due to the huge decreases in the market cap of other coins and Binance’s own volume levels.

Best ScriptToken (BST) has been out since 2018 and it is currently in the top 10th coins on CoinMarketCap with a standing of $2.3 billion in market cap and around 1.1 million circulating supply. Buying Current BTC holders can go ahead and transfer their BTC over to buy their BSC Tokens at the original spot price – they will receive their BSC Tokens in return. Buying Current BSC Token holders can go ahead and transfer their BSC Tokens over to buy their BTC at the new spot price – they will receive BTC in return.

Binance is a popular cryptocurrency exchange, which was built by using the principles of providing the best security for investor protection. Trust Wallet will be responsible for supporting Binance’s vision.

Initially, it will be offering expedited crypto service on all crypto assets listed on Binance. Thus, one can send or withdraw cryptos from the exchange and instantly use them in other exchanges, wallets or faucets with a custom interface to purchase their desired assets, store them for holding purposes for future use and finally send them back to the original exchange account.

Trust Wallet is here to provide holders with lots of features which were unheard of previously in a wallet interface. They offer users 3 MB of free storage space so that they can keep various assets there and unhindered from custody protection

AidCoin is a blockchain-based digital assistance coin with the most affordable fee, built for mobile organizations primarily based on remote assistance or skill-sharing markets. Those investing in this project could expect this to grow over the next years.

Trusting someone with thousands of dollars can be a daunting task and what is even worse is when that person gets hacked. High transaction fees avoid this risk and make the wallet totally safe from theft. With zero transaction costs and limited operations staff, security becomes an unmanageable obstacle.

A wallet can be funded by an individual and accessed by many others like a cryptocurrency exchange site or a marketplace. When it comes to BSC Tokens owning them becomes easier than other regular tokens since they can be bought directly from Binance and traded in options such as the new exchange since they are more acceptable around the world. As of now, the team is creating an international standard for crypto trading as well as a global platform to host crypto-related tools and platforms to help with the crypto revolution. At present, they are already in talks with exchanges all over the world which will allow their BSC Tokens to be traded globally and instantly. However, it has become more difficult to find a reliable exchange as more and more new exchanges are popping up. More importantly, the BSC Token Exchange has also begun the registration process with SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) in order to be listed on American stock exchanges.

Baby Doge

The recent cryptocurrency trend that has been around for a few years now is Bitcoin. It has given hope to many people who can finally save and invest this opportunity in the form of blockchain assets

When Bitcoin was first introduced, there was a dazzling and impressive return offered by crypto assets, a novelty which wasn’t seen in the real world before. As soon as Bitcoin started to take off, the large number of traders chasing to grab large returns eliminated the novelty price tag this crypto had earlier. Of course, they didn’t care that what they were chasing was just benefits from arbitrage.

While other industries are seeing burnout or using AI technology for content generation as mentioned above, BSC digital market with its unique uniqueness is yet again re-positioning itself in order to survive in an ICO frenzy and is being rolled out in order for more humanistic businesses to find success. In the future, many companies will not have HR departments and HR managers but instead will have AI software that can read employee behaviour, recognize emotions and needs and proactively address issues.

Each day the Baby Doge tributes to the best posts under 50k views are released on Twitter that has gone viral, with interested users all across the internet. They seem to be at a price most a shorter time period on BITTREX.

With this, interesting questions are raised such as: what is the true decrease in time spent on traditional fiat money conversion when there was a fork and also where does the additional demand for USEN2OCN coins happen in order for it to be more than BSC?


Venus is the spiritual successor to P2P lending. The first service was released three years ago and it has helped users invest money in 10 different countries so far. Now, it is seeking to provide a decentralized marketplace for all kinds of loans- credit, mortgages, and education.

Venus aims at providing an enduring financial experience that will because profitable by taking advantage of new technology and blockchain technology as we become accustomed to wearable devices such as Fitbits and Apple Watches.

BSC Tokens have immediate liquidity on their release without any third-party interference either contractual or centralized systems. Additionally, BSC Tokens can be purchased with supporting BTC (Bitcoin) which would allow investors to participate in token giveaways offered by Venus’s network of members. BCS Token holders will also enjoy a host of advantages including access to exclusive content and discounts from participating merchants. The BCS Token will be listed on the decentralized exchange Binance in the coming weeks. Venus Group is currently exploring listing options with a few other exchanges, including Bitfinex, Huobi and Bithumb.


The negative headline is that a relatively new coin, the Ellipsis coin, has been having a rough day in the markets.

The few token holders of a steep fall in BSC tokens have brought about misclicks for their coins during pre-market trading on Bittrex yesterday morning December 18th, 2018 at 6:12 UTC…

Refrain from the trend recently and buy Ellipsis tokens while they’re being offered at cheaper rates. Hopefully, by next year’s end, it can develop better capacity and development solutions with some ICO campaigns scheduled in 2019. I hope it will happen because unlike other cryptocurrencies where sales tend to occur during demand-driven periods only then followed by brief joy when some demand-driven spikes happen again later, Ellipsis has adopted something entirely different. The game creates a new game-state every day and works towards a goal, which may be the introduction of an ambush mode or increased player interaction in epic battles. The more time they invest in this process of being implemented.

Ellipsis was founded in November 2017. They are known for their low slippage, which has led them to build their own trading platform and cryptocurrency for their community of traders.

Ellipsis comes with a variety of market automation tools like the signals platform. It uses algorithms to accurately and effectively trade all major market instruments in the cryptocurrency sector. It supports more than 20 cryptocurrencies at press time. Their blockchain infrastructure is scalable, meaning that more trading tokens will likely be supported as time goes on.

Binance Ethereum has been advising Ellipsis since its early days with many experts in cryptocurrency adopting the new flat coin since launch is a regulated and secured digital asset that aims to bring stability into the marketplace.

What is a BSC Token?

From January 16th to February 14th, BSC announced a 56% increase in the value of their utility tokens (based on the average increase of 45% per year from their 2018 token sale).

This move can be seen as an investment tool for companies as they adopt BSC’s positive impact across advertising. The market is still new but there are tons of other users looking for viable investments in this space. Adaptive Media’s economics team has put together a KYC document that reveals the earnings projection calculation with predicted ratios and rates (defined by annual 500 million USD revenue). When you combine it with our price forecasting method developed through scientific research, there will soon be more investors than companies investing in Blockchain advertising platforms like BSC.

BSC Token is an ERC-20 Ethereum utility token released by the BestChange company. It acts as a medium for people to transact directly with one another without the need for third-party involvement. BSc Tokens will be priced periodically and follow a set exchange rate based on market value with additional bonuses that are in line with company goals.

BestChange is launching the first ever true cryptocurrency venture where they will create a BSC Token, buy BSC Tokens, and use it to make payments on applications like gaming transactions, hotels (including nights and rentals), flights, services including monetary transfers, phones calls or finally charitable donations across the planet. Gambling activities may occur where bonus fees are charged. Unlike other forms of big business, not everyone has AI-written content generators yet which is why we need more people to create more AI. This is the “robots take everyone’s jobs” complaint. It would indeed be a serious problem if it happened, but no one has any idea when that might happen, let alone how to stop it or prepare for it.